Welcome on the site of ID&Consult Company

ID&Consult Company creates, develops and implements innovative quality-concepts for the international leisure-and entertainment industry.

The ID&C Team has been operating in this field for more than 25 years and developped a lot of experience and expertise in making refreshing concepts for restaurants, hotels, congres- and eventcenters, themeparcs and bungalowparcs. In many cases ID&Concept not only created, but also organised, built and implemented  and turn-key delivered these concepts.

ID&C is your partner for advise and support in starting hotel-/restaurant-exploitations and can be your professional interim management in times of changing company perspectives.

ID&C is your specialist in interior design. Modern, nostalgic or thematical : professional guidance in shaping the ideal environment for your project .

Besides this all ID&C also develops visionplans with a creative twist for Region Development in connection with recreational functions commissioned by companies, institutions and (local) governments.

In short : One Stop Shopping for conceptdevelopment and implementation

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